The First Ward Action Council offers attractive, affordable apartments in relatively small houses and buildings to moderate- and low-income tenants. In addition, the organization currently owns three single-family homes that it also leases to both low- and moderate-income residents. From the beginning, the Action Council's approach to providing shelter has been to select and rehabilitate (when and where possible) buildings having some architectural and/or historical merit, with the aim of providing choice living space and simultaneously revitalizing a neighborhood.

The houses and all of the apartments have been thoroughly updated, with modern mechanical and electrical systems, as well as new kitchens and baths. The sizes of both houses and apartments vary. Each building has been fully insulated, and all apartments have modern, efficient gas heating systems, thereby reducing the cost of heat during winter. Each tenant has control over heating. All apartments have off-street parking space provided; there is limited off-street parking available with regard to the single-family dwellings and the commercial space.

Rental rates are provided in the pertinent space below. In each rental category, a security deposit equalling one month's rent is required at the outset. Rents charged for First Ward Action Council apartments are in most cases linked to income levels, that is, a tenants total household income must be less than an amount stipulated by New York State. The guidelines for all FWAC apartments require that household incomes be less than 80% of the area's median income. Moreover, many of the apartments rental guidelines require that tenants incomes be less than 50% of this area's median income. Although every attempt will be made to update the web site when changes occur, you should contact the First Ward Action Council office at 772-2850 in order to be absolutely certain of a listed properties current rental rate.

Some First Ward Action Council apartments are reserved for tenants having special needs such as the elderly, single mothers, etc. Please call the office at 772-2850 for information on the availability of any special needs apartments. Each property owned by the First Ward Action Council is locally maintained and managed. Tenants can call for assistance at any hour of the day or night.

Below is a current listing of the First Ward Action Council's residential rental properties:
Building Renovations: Before and After
Home Repair  Service for Seniors
Senior  Apartments
Family  Apartments
Commercial/Retail Space
 Homeownership  Program
Neighborhood  Preservation Program
Community Events
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