The First Ward Action Council is a community-based developer and provider of housing and housing services. Founded in 1980, the organization opened an office in 1982 on Clinton Street in the First Ward neighborhood of Binghamton, New York.  It has been a member of the New York State Neighborhood Preservation Program
since then.

Over the years the organization has grown significantly and today provides housing services throughout Broome County and Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  The organization is certified by HUD as a Community Housing Development Organization for Broome County and Susquehanna and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania.  

Currently, the organization is managing several storefronts and more than 120 apartments, including fully accessible units, for families of all sizes. Senior housing complexes include the Schoolhouse Apartments at
St. Cyril’s in Binghamton; the Vestal Pines Apartments on Route 26 in Vestal and the Choconut Creek Apartments in Choconut Township, PA.

The Action Council also operates a home-repair service for senior citizens in  Broome County.  Since 1986, the Broome County Home Repair Service has completed thousands of repairs for elderly residents struggling to maintain their homes while living on retirement incomes. Exterior stairs are rebuilt, wheelchair ramps installed, and leaky faucets fixed with eligible seniors being responsible for only the cost of materials.

Dependent on the availability of funding, grants are also available for owners to renovate their homes. Additional information regarding eligible areas and program guidelines is available from the office.

Historic Preservation has been a long time focal point of the Action Council.  With the intent of providing attractive housing and revitalizing the street, the organization has renovated more than 13 historic homes on the Front Street gateway into Binghamton. Its efforts have received several awards and recognition in Victorian Homes magazine.    

The First Ward Action Council can be reached by telephone (607) 772-2850 and e-mail at It office is located in a historic building it renovated at 167 Clinton Street in Binghamton, New York.
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